abbr. in swift system

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  • hasanOmerEljettlawi
    عضو منتسب
    • Aug 2008
    • 5

    abbr. in swift system

    During my banking work, I found out that all msgs in swift system sent in brief, that means most of the words in any msg in swift systems are abbr.s . this is used according to the way which was used in telex system before, because the banking officers used the words in abbrs to induce the letters of words with short msgs in order to be with cheap cost for sending the msg, so this way is used in swift system,
    For ex. We refer to in abbr.------- (re) or (ref to)
    Another one: documentary in abbr.---- (doc) plural (docs) or (dox) and so on

    Thanks for your Attn,
    See you sooner


    Mr. Hasan Omer Eljetlawi
    Misurata – Libya